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  Lorie A Stevens,   LMFT#T0961

Welcome to Mindworx Therapy

Turn on the Lights to your Life

Sometimes, we behave in ways that do not get us the results we wish for in life.  We can't figure it out ourselves.  We keep bumping into problems, or patterns or actions, because we are operating in the dark, not understanding why we do what we do. I work with intuitive painting, sand tray, poetry and other psychodynamic methods to find out why you do what you do, so you can stop bumping into the same old patterns and make better choices in your life to get the results you need to feel good about yourself and your situation.

Other reasons to see a therapist might be to revitalize your creative juice, to get some perspective, and reflect with someone who will not judge you. 

If you feel stuck and unable to move forward, I can help you to feel more open to your own thoughts and feelings or perhaps you need to feel more open to others, more in touch with relationships in your life; I can also help you.

Feel more Open and Alive !

Be more in Control of your Life

There are times in our lives we get knocked off-center and find coping more difficult: dealing with loss, changing anything, (moving, adding a child, job, relationships) or  changes in health/mental health issues. These are the times to get help and I can be there for you.

I Have the tools to support you in challenging times.